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What’s the best way right now to boost your engagement and grow your following on Instagram? REELS!

As you know, we’ve been talking about it for months, if you want to increase your visibility but also show a bit more than your products to your followers, the best way is to share videos.

It’s not hard to find inspiration, Instagram and Tiktok literally suggest millions of videos a day.

If you have ever wondered how to make the most of Instagram Reels for business, you, my friend, are in the right place.

Below is my selection of the 6 Reels ideas you must try:

– Show Your Work Space

One of the best Instagram reels ideas that help you get more attractions is to share your workspace. This content can be inspirational, promoting other people to start their own business. Even if you’re working at home (like I do) it always creates a connection with your potential clients.
On top of that it’s an easy one to make. Get your phone and take a 15-seconds long video from your work studio.
If you feel confident enough with editing you can film a before and after cleaning or before and after you re-organized the space.

– Small business owner check

Even if I don’t like to mention “small” business, this Reel is the simplest to do and it allows you to introduce yourself to your community (and we know how important it is).
The easiest way to go is to use the sound of the video below and make yours pointing sometimes here and sometimes there, then add your text the same way you would do it on a story.

– Pack with me

One of the most interesting Instagram Reels ideas that work for small businesses is sharing the process of packing orders. It shows the way you’re working, how details are important for you but also a great way to simply show your product and subtly suggest that others want it!

– Behind the scene:

Pulling back the curtain and showing what you are doing behind the scenes will always help you get more Instagram engagement. Can be the way you create your product, a photoshoot and how you style it, visiting one of your supplier, etc… Curiosity is not necessarily a bad thing, people like to see what they are “not supposed” to see.

– Share tool(s) you are using

Can be digital or real tools, share your experience with others and why not explain why you chose it or where did you buy it. Sharing is caring 😎

– Be funny

Sometimes we just all need to disconnect for a few minutes and also showing your sens of humour for me it’s really something relevant to your personality. There are tones of inspo on the gram. People are actually hilarious 😂

And because I’m also here not only to support you but also to help you, you can rather check my Reels offer and forget about what I just said, I will do everything for you 😉
OR get one of my Instagram Reels Planner to help you in this task.

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