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What is flatlay and how to use this new visual technique has the advantage of your business, making your Instagram account even more modern and trendy?

Picture @yourinstapics_sa for @bamba_zonke

Firstly a flatlay photo is a carefully arranged shot from a birds-eye view. This style of image has been popular for quite some time and it lends itself well to almost every product

For your content creation,  the flatlay is  very appropriate. These photos look modern, clearly illustrate the products, and most importantly, they create a perfect atmosphere and help to share a certain lifestyle.

So here are the 5 tips to style the perfect flatlay:

  • 1. Choose a photo background and a suitable light source.

You should choose a background that will complement the subjects in the frame and will not distract the reader from the main object. Optimal background colors are: black, gray, white, wood of different shades and vintage textures.

Take the picture in natural light idealy near a large window. Find the place in your office or home space with the best lighting. If the light doesn’t penetrate the room enough, use a lamp with a normal or cool (not warm) light. Move the lamp a little further away so that you’re not having too much shadows.

  • 2. Take care of your lines
Picture @yourinstapics_sa for @bamba_zonke

A flatlay photo always involves some sort of visual story. Make sure that the subjects in the frame fit your theme and that they work well together in the photo. Energetic, classic, retro – the lines set the tone of the frame. A successful flatlay photo is symmetrical, harmonious, with coordinated objects. Layering the items will also create depth and add more visual interest.

  • 3. Choose a color palette

Just like the theme, choose the colors in advance. Whatever you choose, resist the temptation to add colorful elements, it’s best to put in something black, white, metallic or glass. Nothing spoils the frame as much as colors that do not look harmonious with each other.

Picture @yourinstapics_sa for @benawoman
  • 4. Use props

If you plan to do a lot of flatlay style pictures, gather a box of props. It can contain: magazines, artificial flowers, costume jewelry, home decor, shells, etc.

  • 5. Get inspired

Look at what others are doing on Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration before you jump in.

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