I speak
and my currency is

It’s right, starting a business can be so exciting and deciding to invest in a rebrand can be even more so!
But, I can’t recommend you enough to first find your brand voice before running into the finish line.⁣

For me, this is actually the most exciting part of a branding.
It’s not only a logo, colours or designs that people remember. It’s also how you speak to your audience.⁣
A brands voice dictates the messaging, the way the brand communicates and the platforms best used to amplify it.
It’s the base to work from.

Here 3 tips to how do you create a unique, engaging voice for your brand?⁣

  • ⁣Listen to your inner voice
    Think about your brand and the messages you’re trying to get across. Try to visualise your brand as a person – how would they sound?⁣
  • C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y is THE key⁣
    I won’t tell it enough, be consistent! And also with the language you use.
    It’s important that all communications that come from you look, sound and feel the same. ⁣
  • Be delighted⁣
    The most important part about establishing your brand voice is to make sure you’re having fun.
    It’s important to get all the other things in place and aligned, but you should also have fun with it.⁣

    Bringing a brand personality to life is a fantastic journey.



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